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AMERON Luzern Hotel Flora Restaurant Baccio della Mamma

BACiO della Mamma

Experience authentic, fresh, Mediterranean lifestyle in Lucerne, Davos and Munich.

The restaurants are designed in the style of a cosy trattoria and convey a family hospitality that is only known in this form from our neighboring country. The styling is Italian, lots of wood, everything is bright and open, modern and yet slightly retro. The music that sounds makes you feel good!

The gastronomic emphasis is on predominantly simple, traditional Roman specialties: Antipasti, homemade pasta and oven-fresh pinsa - on request also served in the middle of the tables on large plates and pots that encourage sharing and thus guarantee a lively atmosphere.


The BACiO della Mamma obtains almost all its products from Italy. The pasta is always fresh and homemade - the basis is the special pasta dough, made from Italian flour and the best fresh eggs. Thus, delicious papardelle, tagliatelle, fettucine, tonnarelli and much more become a short vacation for the palate.

The traditional pizza of Roman style, the "Pinsa romana", is prepared with love and time. The dough is kept for 72 hours. It is baked in an original pizza oven from Naples and then topped with a variety of selected ingredients. Of course, just like Mamma's "Stile Familia", it is also available as "Pinsa Grande" to share with the whole family, with two different toppings.
The choice of drinks also takes us to the country south of the Alps: In addition to Italian house wines and wine classics, cocktail speciali invite you to "Salute". The selection is complemented by spirits such as the "BACiO della Mamma" house grappa in light or dark, Italian herbal brandies and fruit-based aquavites.